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Poultry meat will be the most important protein source in human diet within five years. As a consequence, global production of broiler meat is rapidly growing to over 125 million tons broiler meat in 2020. A relatively small number of broiler breeders has a major impact on the whole poultry meat chain. The continuing increase in the genetic potential of broilers makes the production of first class chicks increasingly challenging. State of the art management is crucial for a successful flock. Differences in results up to 10 day-old chicks per hen housed are not rare, costing tens of thousands of euros. Information on these differences is vital to everybody involved in breeding. Breeder Signals contains practical information about broiler breeders to ensure a maximum production of first grade hatching eggs. With practical tools and modern insights to optimise egg production, fertility, sexual behaviour and hatchability, based on the look-think-act approach. It shows the best start of day-old chicks in a hygienic and healthy surrounding, rearing and the transition to productive broiler breeders. It also gives up to data information about egg handling and storage to maintain hatching egg quality. Both data and practical information provide opportunity for Breeder Signals is a necessity for all people working in the poultry meat chain as breeder farm managers and staff, advisors, veterinaries, students, etc.